Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Programs

How We Help

At One22 we know that the high cost of living makes meeting one’s basic needs difficult, or even impossible, during times of hardship. Our Financial Assistance programs can help with the costs of housing and child care to build a buffer of time and support for planning and decision making. For needs outside these programs, our Emergency Assistance program may be able to help.

Financial Assistance Programs

Rent Assistance

If you’re facing difficulties paying your rent, our Rent Assistance program may be able to assist you. We provide financial resources during times of crisis, along with personalized budgeting guidance and connections to additional resources. Our goal is to help you maintain secure housing and work toward greater financial stability.

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Financial Assistance Programs


If you are in an unsafe or unstable rental housing situation and have an immediate opportunity to improve it, our First/Last/Deposit program may be able to assist you with some of the upfront costs. Our goal is to help low- to moderate-income renters take advantage of financially healthier, safer or more secure rental opportunities when folks can find a rental with:

  • A lower percentage of cost to income ratio
  • A signed lease document
  • Space suitable as a residence

We know these opportunities are rare — our program is designed for short notice. Call us at (307) 739-4500 to learn more.

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Child Care Assistance

If you are facing an unexpected loss of income or increased household expenses and it’s impacting your ability to afford child care, our Child Care Assistance program may be able to help. Financial resources are available for qualified applicants and can help with child care and babysitting expenses, ensuring continuation of the care you know and trust, while you navigate financial challenges.

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The help I needed…

“Again, thanks so much for offering this class and for picking me to participate. Y’all really said some things last night that made me feel like I might be able to survive this situation, which is obviously very comforting.” – Shelley