Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance

How it Works

Emergencies come in many shapes and sizes for individuals, families and our larger community. If you are facing a sudden, unexpected need that directly impacts your ability to meet the essential needs of you or your family, One22 may be able to help. Financial resources may be available for things like short-term emergency shelter, important prescription medication, relocation or transportation for critical services unavailable in Teton County, such as medical treatments or immigration hearings.

In the event of community-wide emergencies, such as natural disaster or other critical incident, One22 is able to stand up dedicated programs to provide rapid response alongside our human service and municipal partners.

In 2022…


households received assistance for emergency basic needs, such as prescriptions, gas, bus tickets and emergency short-term shelter in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

One22 encourages community members to access all available local, state and federal resources first. Our Client Services team can assist you with this. 

Individuals and households who live or work in Teton County, Wyoming may request emergency assistance. The Emergency Assistance program is not intended to help individuals relocate to Teton County. Individuals and households who are new to Teton County (less than six continuous months of residency or employment) may be eligible for short term, emergency assistance, if other options are not available, in order to make a plan for relocation to other, safe housing.  

One22 Basic Needs Programs are designed for households at or below 80% of Median Family Income (MFI).  However, we will consider extenuating circumstances. If you have a question about your eligibility, please contact us.

An emergency assistance request includes the following:

  1. A financial assistance request form, available online;
  2. Income documentation and other supporting documents; and 
  3. A conversation with a Client Services team member

If you need assistance with your request, please call us at 307-739-4500.

We accept requests on a rolling basis. Given the time-sensitive nature of the emergency, a Client Services team member will be in touch within one business day upon receipt of your online application. If your situation needs attention more immediately, please call us at 307-739-4500 or visit us directly at 170 North Glenwood in Jackson, WY, during our open hours. 

The Emergency Assistance program provides financial and other resources to households facing an emergency event that directly impacts a household member’s essential needs such as shelter, medicine or medical treatment, or necessary services unavailable in Teton County. Emergency assistance may be provided in the form of gas cards; bus or plane tickets for relocation or necessary travel; gift cards for prescription medication; or short-term emergency shelter in a local motel.

Emergency Assistance decisions are based on income, family size, access to other resources and length of living or working in Teton County, Wyoming. 

Short-term emergency shelter stays for individuals and households who have lived or worked in Teton County, Wyoming for less than six continuous months are limited to two weeks for a household with dependents and one week for a household without dependents, and is contingent upon availability and cost. Emergency shelter may be booked in increments, not to exceed the aforementioned maximum stays. These incremental bookings will allow for follow up appointments with a Client Services team member in order to help support the household to develop plans during this difficult time.

Short-term emergency shelter stays typically may be one or two nights while waiting for a pending departure to relocate to other, safe housing. 

Yes, particularly if the emergency is unrelated to previous assistance requests in the year. Please contact us about your situation. 

Please call our office at 307-739-4500, and you will be connected with a Client Services team member.

The help I needed…

“I’m determined to see my kids graduate from high school without moving yet again. One22 has provided the buffer we need while I work to find more secure employment. ” – Sarah