Extracurricular Opportunities

Extracurricular Opportunities

With a wide array of offerings in Teton County, Wyoming, extracurricular activities are a great way for youth to explore interests, discover passions, master skills and form new friendships. Extracurricular scholarships are available during the school year for youth in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students entering kindergarten through eighth grade who are residents of Teton County, Wyoming, or enrolled in a public or private school in Teton County, Wyoming may be eligible for extracurricular scholarships. Eligibility is based on the household’s Median Family Income (MFI). If your household falls outside these income guidelines but is facing extenuating circumstances, please reach out to us to discuss.

Extracurricular scholarships are structured as partnerships between One22, the partner program and families, with each providing a contribution toward the cost of the activity.

Youth Enrichment Scholarships
Income ranges effective May 15, 2023

Family Size0-50% MFI (annual/monthly gross income)50-80% MFI (annual/monthly gross income)80-120% MFI (annual/monthly gross income)
One22 contribution to cost33%20%10%
Program contribution to cost33%20%10%
Family contribution to cost33%60%80%
MFI = Median Family Income

MFI is calculated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) each year based on actual data for Teton County, Wyoming. One22 uses current MFI guidelines from the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department.

One22 requires an online extracurricular scholarship application and supporting documents. If you need assistance with your application, please call us at (307) 739-4500. After submitting the application, a Scholarship team member will contact you. 

  1. Submit an extracurricular scholarship application online and attach: Documentation of household income if you have not submitted this to One22 in the last 12 months:
    • Pay stub(s) documenting earnings for all wage earners in the household in the last thirty days or the most recently filed tax return. Other income received in the last thirty days such as Social Security, pension or retirement, public assistance, child support, unemployment benefit statement and any other relevant income (such as letter from employer detailing hours worked and total pay for the past month)
    Once household income has been verified, your family will not need to submit additional documentation for future scholarship applications for 12 months, unless economic circumstances change.
  2. A Scholarship team member will be in touch with you about completing an income and expense sheet. If you already completed one in the last 12 months, we will review it with you.
  3. Engage with a Scholarship team member to connect your child with a program partner providing extracurricular scholarships.
  4. Review and sign the YES participant agreement.

YES strives to be user friendly. Participants’ parents/guardians are offered the opportunity to fill out a common income eligibility application for all participating activities provided by any of the YES Partners. The participant family’s cost-share is determined annually and is valid for 12 months. Each youth can participate in one activity per season, space and funds permitting. One22 provides centralized coordination for applicants and offers case management and referrals if/when other family needs become apparent through this process.

Extracurricular scholarship recipients may receive a scholarship for one activity per season. This provides the opportunity for a student to receive extracurricular scholarship support seasonally throughout the year.

YES strives for full participation. Participants and their families are encouraged to engage fully with the activity and with the planned and impromptu community-building that comes with it. In addition to registration fees, which are the center of the program, limited funs are available as YES stipends for a portion of equipment, supplies and/or family travel. Stipends are provided directly to the participant’s parents/guardians as reimbursements and they are not matched by the Partner organization. Receipts must be submitted. Though an important part of full participation, funding is limited and YES stipends are not guaranteed. One22 recommends (but does not require) advance approval.

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole loves hearing from youth or caregivers about the experiences this program allows! If you or your child is interested in writing a Thank You note after the season or activity concludes, we would greatly appreciate it!

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Major funding from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole ensures that YES is available broadly – to low, moderate and middle income households.

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“I’m determined to see my kids graduate from high school without moving yet again. One22 has provided the buffer we need while I work to find more secure employment.” – Sarah