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The Jackson Cupboard supports low- and moderate-income community members with no-cost groceries to meet food and essential household and personal care needs. Fill out our simple application to get started now.

In 2022…


pounds, the equivalent of 297‚772 meals of food distributed through the Jackson Cupboard and its satellite locations.


households (representing 1,699 individuals) accessed no-cost groceries in 6‚463 total shopping visits.


pounds of food donated through community food drives and local businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Newly registered shoppers will be provided with shopping access at the Jackson Cupboard for three months to help with any immediate grocery needs or household budgetary relief.
  2. Within the first three months of registering, shoppers are invited to meet with a One22 Client Services team member in order to help the household learn more about One22 services and determine resources for which the household may be eligible, including but not limited to a full year’s access to the Jackson Cupboard.
  3. All shoppers are given “points” to shop. This amount is determined by the size of your household and your access. You have two weeks to use your points, in which you can shop up to two times. Every two weeks your points will refresh. Please note that points do not carry over.
  4. Shoppers will be invited to meet again with a Client Services team member annually to determine their shopping access for the following 12 months. 

There are a few ways to register:

  • Click the Apply Now button (above and below FAQs) to complete your registration online. 
  • Go to One22’s Main Office at 180 S Willow Street and ask to register with a staff member in person.
  • Call us at (307) 739-4500 to register by phone. 

Please be patient as we create your shopping account. During periods of high demand, this process may take up to two weeks. Once you receive your login, you can start shopping. The shopping link is located on the Jackson Cupboard webpage.

The only requirement for the initial three month access is that individuals and households live or work in Teton County, Wyoming. Households will need to provide necessary documents to verify their employment or residency. This may include pay stubs, current lease/rental agreement or landlord verification form. We will consider extenuating circumstances, such as homelessness. Please note that a household is eligible for this three-month account only once.  

Meeting with a One22 Client Services team member within three months of registering starts a qualification process so that shoppers may have uninterrupted 12-month access to shop at the Jackson Cupboard.

The process for determining our 12-month shopping access level begins with registering with the Jackson Cupboard and meeting with a One22 Client Services team member. The meeting will include reviewing the household monthly budget to identify other One22 and community resources that may support household members. 

As a One22 Basic Needs Program, the Jackson Cupboard is designed for households who live or work in Teton County, Wyoming and are at or below 80% of Median Family Income (MFI). Households which fall within this income guideline and who have lived or worked in Teton County, Wyoming for six months qualify for 12 months of shopping access. However, we will consider extenuating circumstances. If you have a question about your eligibility, please contact us.

Jackson Cupboard Income Scale
Income ranges effective May 15, 2023

If your gross income was at, or below, this amount last month, you may be eligible

Family SizeLast’s Month IncomeFamily SizeLast’s Month Income
Amounts are based on approximately 80% of Median Family
Income in Teton County, as of May 15, 2023.

MFI is calculated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) each year based on actual data for Teton County, Wyoming. One22 uses current MFI guidelines from the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department.

Everyone has access to our three-month initial account once, whether you are here temporarily or permanently. In order to continue shopping, households must qualify for 12-month shopping access. This eligibility includes income at or below 80% Median Family Income (MFI) and six months of continued residency or employment in Teton County, Wyoming. 

All shoppers are given “points” to shop. This amount is determined by the size of your household and your access. You have two weeks to use your points, in which you can shop up to two times. Every two weeks your points will refresh (every other Friday at 12am). Please note that points do not carry over.

Jackson Cupboard
Sample Point Values

For a household of four: two adults, one child and one baby

Three Month’s Access12-Month’s Access
Adults (2)70 (35 each)120 (60 each)
Child (1)2540
Baby (1)1015
Plus standard points2020
Total Shopping Points125195

Yes, however, only during the same day you started the order. If left open overnight, your cart will empty out.

If you are unable to place an order online, please call us at (307) 739-4500. We enter callers’ orders into our online system to efficiently pack orders and schedule a pick up time. Currently, we are not accepting walk-up or paper orders at the Jackson Cupboard. Please call us if you need assistance placing an order. 

We strive to be open for grocery distribution five days per week. Our open hours depend on staff and volunteer availability as well as Holiday closures. All pick-up times are available for selection online once you place your order. For more information on open hours, call (307) 739-4500. 

If you log on to your shopping account and see a notification that grocery “slots are full,” this means we are at capacity for filling grocery orders. We do our best to serve as many households as we can, but once we are at capacity, it is best to use other resources listed in the Food Resource Calendar. Food resources are available seven days a week and most resources are free of charge.  

If you are in an emergency situation and need to access groceries, please contact your case manager or call One22 at (307) 739-4500.

Grocery pick-up time slots are generally released three days in advance. For example, if you are looking for a Thursday pick-up, you will want to log on Monday morning for the best chance of getting the day and time you prefer. Occasionally, time slots are released one or two days in advance, but we always suggest logging on in the morning three days before your desired pick-up day. 

We do not ask for identification when you pick up your order. When signing up, we ask short intake questions so we can communicate with you about changes to our hours and service, as well as to provide you with appropriate resources. This includes basic contact information, household size, and allergies/dietary restrictions. If you do not feel comfortable sharing this information, it will not impact your ability to pick up groceries. We can still set up an account for you and get you shopping!

Absolutely! You can designate anyone to pick up your order for you. There is no need to let us know in advance. The person picking up your order will just need the name the order was placed under.

Please call us at (307) 739-4500 and we will work with you for grocery pick-up outside of our grocery distribution hours. 

If you do not pick up your order by the end of the day and do not call to let us know, your order will be canceled and reshelved the following morning. If you need to change your pick up time, please call us at (307) 203-1709. We are happy to arrange another time for you.

If you miss your pick up two times in a 30-day period (without contacting us), your account will be deactivated. You must call us and have a conversation with our staff in order to have it reactivated. 

If you are interested in a delivery, please contact us at (307) 739-4500 and we can discuss your needs. This could be due to an illness, disability or any other circumstance that prevents you from picking up your order. We will always try our best to reach your needs!

Please visit our Satellite Cupboards at the Rec Center (155 E Gill Avenue) and the Library (125 Virginian Lane). Both are self-serve, and open during regular business hours of the host sites. Basic food staples are stocked regularly, including milk, eggs, produce and other samples from the Jackson Cupboard inventory.

Please also use the Food Resource Calendar, located on our main Jackson Cupboard page. Food resources are available seven days a week and most resources are free of charge. Keep in mind that some of these resources are well-used and limited in their capacity. If they are not able to meet your needs and you are in an emergency situation, please call One22 at (307) 739-4500.

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