Holiday Gift Drive

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Holiday Gift Drive

Now more than ever, low- and moderate-income families in our community are struggling to make ends meet. And no matter the circumstances, most everyone looks forward to giving and receiving gifts during the holidays.

One22 Resource Center’s Holiday Gift Drive program pairs donors with individuals and families who need assistance purchasing holiday gifts. We collect holiday wish lists from families in need, and donors purchase items from the wish lists, delivering the gifts to One22 offices the week of December 11. Families pick up the gifts the following week. Last year, this program served over 400 community members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The families who are a part of our Holiday Gift Drive are accessing One22 Resource Center’s services. We also work with other nonprofits in the community who refer their constituents to us for holiday gift support. 

The Santa Claus Fund and One22 Resource Center are separate nonprofit organizations that collaborate to ensure that all families living and working in our community have access to assistance with holiday gifts. The Santa Claus Fund provides gifts for children who live in Teton County, Wyoming, with registration by October 24. One22’s Holiday Gift Drive provides gifts for children, adults and seniors, including parents of children receiving gifts through The Santa Claus Fund. One22’s Holiday Gift Drive also helps those children who may have missed the deadline to apply for The Santa Claus Fund, plus families who work in Teton County, Wyoming but live in neighboring counties.

Visit the Roonga platform to view wish lists of the families and individuals who are participating. You will be able to select a family based on how much you would like to spend; we suggest spending $100 – $200 per person. The wish lists include details such as age, gender, sizes and color preferences.

Family sizes range from one to six people. Please expect to spend $100 – $200 per person on gifts. We often see groups of coworkers or friends come together to participate in the Holiday Gift Drive.

Each package should be clearly labeled using a removable sticky note with the family ID and individual’s gender and age (example: Family #1, 11 year old male). Please place all of your gifts in boxes or large bags with the family ID clearly marked on the outside of the boxes.

Most families prefer to receive their gifts already wrapped, but the wish list will indicate whether a family prefers to receive wrapped or unwrapped gifts.

All drop offs will occur at One22’s future office at 180 S Willow Street, at the corner of Willow and Simpson.

  • Tuesday, December 12 – Friday, December 15 – 10 am to 2 pm
  • Other dropoff times can be arranged by contacting Cindy Bartz at cindybartz@one22jh.org or 310-595-4282.

We believe everyone deserves something special, especially during the holidays. This program offers an opportunity for people in difficult circumstances to receive items similar to their peers. There is no expectation that donors fulfill every item on a wish list or go beyond the wish list. 

There is no expectation that donors fulfill every item on a wish list or go beyond the wish list. If you’d like to purchase something extra, we ask that these items do not exceed $25 per person. Examples of extra gifts include holiday ornaments, socks, or a non-perishable treat.

Of course! We always welcome gifts of any size to our general operating fund. If you’d like to make a donation to support One22, please visit our online donation page.

One22 Resource Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation (EIN #74-3104462). We encourage you to consult your tax advisor regarding the tax-deductibility of these gifts. We will send all participating donors a letter reflecting their participation in the program at its conclusion. 

Please contact Cindy Bartz at cindybartz@one22jh.org or 310-595-4282.