Language Access

Language Access

Immigration Support Services


One22 exists to invest in and support neighbors facing financial and cultural challenges. Today, a considerable proportion of our county’s industries and workforce is composed of immigrants, many of whom are Limited English Proficient (LEP). We recognize that the inability to communicate effectively can pose a significant barrier to accessing care, services, information and opportunities, which is why we offer all our services in English and Spanish, but are also able to accommodate persons who speak other languages. Additionally, to meet the needs of our changing multinational workforce, we provide:

  • Interpreter Training & Support
  • Navigation and support for individuals with Limited English Proficiency. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Assistance completing applications for state and federal official documents (vital records, passports, apostille), as well as housing and employment applications unavailable in languages other than English;
    • Spanish resource navigation, referrals for translation services and referrals to other entities and organizations in the area that provide language assistance to their client/customers (legal, education, employment, immigration, housing, medical)

Interpreter Training and Support

One22 contributes to the professional skill building of interpreters in order to improve the quality of interpreting services valley-wide. We do this by offering bilingual individuals the opportunity to learn the skills, modes, ethics and standards of practice of the interpreting profession. These opportunities are shared not only with the public but also with other organizations and agencies spanning multiple industries. We also assist in connecting interpreters to organizations and agencies in need of services.

Room of people with trainer

The Community Interpreter International

Since 2017, One22 has annually hosted The Community Interpreter International (TCII), the leading national entry-level certificate program to train interpreters to work for community interpreting, a growing profession encompassing interpreting in medical, educational and social services settings. One22 invites bilingual community members to enroll in this comprehensive training program if they are currently, or are planning to, provide interpretation services in the area. Please contact us for more information about upcoming trainings.

The help I needed…

“One22 stepped in to help me resolve a miscommunication that could have turned into a full-blown crisis.” – Natalie