Satellite Cupboard Stocking Team

These volunteers keep our Satellite Cupboard locations fully stocked and tidy while publicly representing the mission of One22 Resource Center. Volunteers check inventory at the satellite location, come to the Jackson Cupboard to pull items for stocking and return to the satellite location to restock. This is a great family and youth friendly role, or even a friend team of two!

Cupboard Distribution Clerk

Distribution Clerks promote a safe and welcoming environment for Cupboard shoppers picking up their online orders. Distribution Clerks retrieve and bring orders to clients in a drive-through pick-up model. They complete orders by packing cold and refrigerated items. Finally, they assist with drive-through set up and take down by setting up free carts of items and informational sheets, placing directional signage and generally keeping the space tidy and organized.

Cupboard Pick & Packers

Volunteers work to pick and pack advanced online food orders. Groceries are properly labeled and packed for ease of distribution to Cupboard shoppers later in the day. Volunteers may replenish inventory on shelves if time allows. This is a great youth and family friendly volunteer opportunity!